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Mobile skid for onsite mass calibration In 2016 Intertek aquired a new mobile skid to perform onsite mass flowmeter (Coriolis) calibration requirements.

This skid has been calibrated by an ISO 17025 flow calibration lab and is ready to be released into the market for our clients.
Mass flowmeters are increasingly used as a principle measurement device in custody transfer, fiscal and allocation metering . This important point of measurement needs to be independently verified through routine calibration to ensure that measurement complies with the required accuracy.
In recent years the process effects (errors in measurement) on such  Mass flowmeters has been discussed and it is widely recognised that the meters should be calibrated under operating conditions. Intertek have developed a portable Mass meter calibration skid that can calibrate these meters in-situ of clients production operations. The skid comprises of calibrated reference Mass meters, and therefore optimised for pressure and temperature compensation. Hence a good comparison of the measurement accuracy for its particular scope can be achieved onsite. Errors such as pressure and temperature compensation, installation effects and "full loop" check of the measuring system are also added value that this portable mass flow calibration skid can bring to the clients on site operations, typically not obtainable from a remote Lab environment
The skid can also be used as a hired temporary measuring station if desired, for situations where no flow measurement device is installed on the clients system or if a prolonged investigation on the clients production accuracy is required. Flow range is set to 20 to 200 tonnes / hour (calibrated range), and this can be extended if desired


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