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Policy and Values

Establish and develop good, lasting cooperation with our clients.

Listen to and collaborate with our clients in order to develop and offer the best solutions, in terms of quality, delivery times and price.

Actively participate in national and international proficiency tests or Round Robin tests related to our services.

Actively seek out the new analysis and metering methods that are required at any given time by our clients.

Plan and complete goal-oriented training and further development of our employees.

Involve our employees in the planning, decision-making and carrying out phases.

Never compromise our integrity.

Strive for a safe working environment and safe workplaces.

Comply with all of the requirements in ISO-IEC 17025 (general requirements to the competence of testing and calibration laboratories) all official requirements.

Actively work to grow, both nationally and internationally.

Never be afraid of meeting new demands, challenges or issues on our clients' behalf.

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