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Laboratory database
Labware LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) is implemented in the entire organization. The system have a range of applications like.
  • Registration of samples and projects
  • Registration of analysis to be performed
  • Sending orderconfirmation as soon as the samples have been received by the lab.
  • Generation of invoice based on contract with customer.
  • Direct import of analysisresults from instruments wich are beeing used for large number of samples.
  • Different reportformats based on the customers preferences (Standard reportingformat is PDF)

Our IT system is based on products from Microsoft.  We strive to have updated instrument software for our instruments wich deliveres the results to the customer.

SOIL (Secure Oil Information Link)
SOIL is a network created by and for the oil industry.  Through contracts we establish exclusive secure connections with our customers.

Intertek West Lab uses the SOIL link to provide automatic electronic reporting of analysis results to the customers.  The results are available immediately after the results are validated by the lab.

SOIL is managed by RigNet.

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