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Metering and Real-Time Analysis

·          Consulting services related to prestudies, engineering, procurement, installation, delivery/start-up and optimization of all types of projects and issues related to metering technology in connection with the production and sale of hydrocarbons.

·          Inspections, audits and third-party verification of metering systems.

·          Drawing up procedure manuals and other relevant documentation related to metering systems.

·          Consulting services in connection with choice of real-time analysis tools (online analyses), audits and third-party verification related to quality and accuracy of metering of the different parameters.

·          Hiring out of metering and calibration specialists in the field of metering technology, calibration, and onshore and offshore real-time analysis.

·          Drawing up and implementing tailor-made training courses related to metering technology and real-time analyses.

·          Sale, implementation and training of flow control module (FCM) calculations; software/databases with applications for calculating flow tests.


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