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Metering that is highly-accurate on every level is important because it:

  • forms the basis for sale and purchase prices 
  • reduces any disagreements between sellers and buyers 
  • detects any sources of errors in metering equipment 
  •  and thus any quantitative and qualitative irregularities

Standard metering equipment and common procedures are necessary to perform accurate metering. The national authorities, e.g. DTI, NMI and NPD (Norwegian Petroleum Directorate), play an important role here through their legislation and regulation by, among other things:

  • Regulating and specifying petroleum metering procedures for fiscal regulation and calculation of tax on CO2.

The purpose of this regulations is to ensure that the basis on which taxes and fees that are due to the license-granting states is calculated, is based on accurate metering.

Another important purpose is to satisfy the buyer's and seller's requirements, as well as those of other actors involved in such processes.


  • Intertek West Lab related to "Metrologien" in Paris with regard to traceability
  • Intertek West Lab rely on national and international standards

Typical acceptable uncertainty values for Norwegian continental shelf and also from NPD (Norwegian Petroleum Directorate)
Measuring systems Uncertainty limits : 95%, 
Measurements of Oil (sale/allocation) +/- 0.30% of standard volume 
Measurements of Gas (sale/allocation) +/- 1.0% of total mass
Measurements of LNG for salg +/- 0.50% of measured energycontent /load
”Fuel gas” measurements +/- 1.8% of standard volume
”Flare gas” measurements +/- 5.0 % of standard volume

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