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Intertek West Lab, as an independent third party company, in posession of consultants

We know the norwegian and internationl rules and laws.

  • We offer consultants with solid theoretic platform and long experience in the field.
  • We apply our knowledge actively by following international standards like ASTM, OIML, API, AGA, ISO, etc. with links to each country's authorities and specific legislation, like NMI, DTI, PTB, NPD, etc.

How our expertise benefits our clients

  • We offer the use of our consultants on projects at client sites for both short and extended contracts, without geographic  limitations.
  • We conduct third-party audits and verification of metering systems, equipment, online analysis equipment, documentation and procedures.
  • We draw up procedures for small and large metering systems that include all necessary operative aspects, such as descriptions of equipment, metering areas, metering criteria and accuracy, equipment deployment, sampling points, calibration needs/frequency, maintenance, component lists, user guides, quality assurance and HES; i.e. ”Total Management.
  • Quality Metering System” (TMQMS).
  • We take on full or partial operating of metering systems, and coordination with other suppliers involved in projects managed by our clients.
  • We organize general and tailor-made training courses. 
  • We accept the entire range of 'flow assurance' engagements.

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