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Capacity and Specifications

The calibration department has equipment and expertise for simulation of the approximate metering conditions that may apply to any fiscal volume metering.

  • Metering range from 0.4-800 m3/hour, with a +/- 0.03% margin of error.
  • Calibration equipment that can handle many different test media, like crude oil, diesel, light oil and water.
  • Our Flow Lab offers calibration of turbines, mass flow meters (Coriolis meters) and ultrasound meters. All calibrations can be conducted in actual conditions where the meters operate on a daily basis.
  • Our provers have been built as mobile units and are therefore transportable to all relevant calibration locations, as required by our clients.
  • Orifice plates and gas meters that comply with the ISO 5167-2 standard, including video inspection of gas meter tubes for comparison with current standards.
  • Maintenance of our clients equipments, change of parts and recalibration/certification.

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Intertek West Lab
Department Calibration,

Energivn. 1, 4056 Tananger

Tlf:  +47-51 94 01 00

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Department Manager

Atle Laader

Tlf:   +47 - 51 94 01 77

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