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Provers Our provers have been built as mobile units and are therefore transportable to all relevant calibration locations, as required by our clients.

CP1, CP2 and CB1 are 12 inch provers with a 3 inch high-resolution meter installed. This prover has been designed to calibrate trial loops and meters. The flow capacity for the 3 inch meter is 30-150 m3/hour. The prover itself has a flow capacity of 0.5-400 m3/hour.

CP5 is an 18 inch prover. It has the same technical design as CP2, but with a special area of application to calibrate 6 inch turbine meters in a full metering area in addition to metering areas like the ones for CP2. It has a flow capacity of up to 800 m3/hour.

CP6 is a mini prover that has been specially designed for calibration of small meters from 0.25-1.5 inches.

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