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Environmental samples

Environmental tests are defined in the following categories:
Contaminated soil = soil / gravel soils contaminated with oil components or the likes.
Water to be analyze for various organic components (oil, PAH, BTEX etc).

Sample Amount

Contaminated soil:

Amount = 100 - 500g.
Most fine material, but the sample must be representative of the bulk. Try to avoid stones and wooden sticks.

Water samples:

Amount = 800-900 mL.
Avoid top-filled bottles (Except BTEX which should be top filled)

Sample Containers

Contaminated soil will be transported in sealed containers, preferably glass. The opening should not be too narrow.
Water samples should be collected on glass bottle.
All sample types should be analyzed as soon as possible after collection, and kept cool in the meantime. Prolonged storage may require conservation of sample contact with questions about this.
If you do not have bottled themselves, make a phone call to us and we make clear bottles for you. Coming back, it costs nothing. Do we need to send them, going shipping as an expense.

Submitting samples

Please use this form for registration of samples.

When submitting samples to us, we would appreciate if you can use this form.

You can write directly on the form and save it afterwards to pdf file. Print the form and attach it to the shipment. You can also send pdf file by email to Be careful that sample id on the bottles match the id of the form.

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