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Petroleum samples Petroleum Samples are defined as lubricating oils, hydraulic oils, motor oils, diesel, petrol etc.


Sampling point must be clean. Flush well before the sample is taken. If we are to perform particle counting, we must have at least 150 ml, otherwise it is enough with my 100 ml.

Sample bottles

Use new glass bottles or HDPE plastic bottles. Do not use soda bottles, jars etc

If you do not have bottles, make a phone call to us and we will prepare bottles for you. They will not cost you anything. Do we need to send them, shipping cost will be added.

Submitting samples

Download form here

Always use this form. If you have more than 16 samples, continue on a new form.

If you need to supply more information on sample point, use this form. A sheet per sample.

You can write directly on the form and save it afterwards to pdf file. Print the form and attach it to the shipment. You can also send the pdf file by email to  Please make sure that that sample id on the bottles match the id of the form.

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