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Analysis Standard Sample Category
21 elements in lube oil, ICP Mod. ASTM D-5185 Oil Elements
4-FBA i mud filtrate - Water Organic
4-FBA in formation water On house Water Organic
7-ion, Na,Ca,Mg,Ba,Fe,Sr,K On house Water Elements
Acid number of petroleum products, TAN, titration Intern metode Oil Physical properties
Acidification of water sample (sample prep.) - Other Physical properties
Adenosintrifosfat, ATP ASTM D4012-15 Water Bacteria
Alkalinity of water, titration til pH 2,5 NS 4754 Water Ions
Alkalinity of water, titration until pH 4,5 Mod. NS 4754/ NS-EN ISO 9963-1 Water Physical properties
Alkalinity of water, titration until pH 4,5 NS-EN ISO 9963-1/NS 4754 Water Ions
Amines in water, GC On house Water Organic
Ammonium in water On house Water Ions
Analysis not performed ASTM D 6481 Oil Elements
Asbestos in construction material, XRD and microscopy On house Solids Minerals
Asphaltenes in crude, unpurified/purified Mod. IP 143 Oil Organic
Bacteria count, total in water NS-EN ISO 6222 Water Bacteria
Barkman Davison Slope, filtration On house Water Physical properties
Base number of petroleum products, TBN, titration Mod. ASTM D-2896 Oil Physical properties
Bisulphite in water, test kit On house Water Ions
Boiling point curve crude oil/ condensate up to 375°C, distillation Mod.ASTM D-2892 Oil Organic
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