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Analysis Standard Sample Category
Isotopes in water On house Water Elements
Karakterisering av partikler på filter, SEM On house Other Physical properties
Kinematic viscosity 40°C or 100°C Mod. ASTM D-445 Oil Physical properties
Kinematic viscosity at other temperatures from 0 - 100°C Mod. ASTM D 445/446 Oil Physical properties
LC/MS scan On house Chemicals Organic
Legionella in drinking water ISO 11731-2 Water Bacteria
MEG og TEG i Naturgass, GC NIOSH 5523 Gas Organic
Mercaptanes in natural gas, Draeger tubes ASTM D1988 Gas Organic
Mercury in oil, subcontractor - Oil Elements
Mercury in solids, FIMS Mod. NS-EN 1483 Solids Elements
Mercury in water, atomic fluoresence EPA 200.7/200.8 Water Elements
Mercury in water, FIMS Mod. NS-EN 1483 Water Elements
Metals in ceramics NS-EN 1388-1 Solids Elements
Metals in solids, ICP Mod. NS 4770/ ISO 11885, EPA 200.7 Solids Elements
Metering Specialist offshore (12h/day) On house Other -
Methanoic acid in water, IC mod. ASTM 5996 Water Organic
Methanol in natural gas, HS GC/MS NIOSH 2000 Gas Organic
Methanol in oil Intern metode Oil Organic
Microbiological activity in petroleum products, dip slide On house Oil Bacteria
Moisture in chalk NS-EN 12048 Solids Physical properties
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