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Analysis Standard Sample Category
Boiling point curve, reduced pressure ASTM D-1160 Oil Physical properties
Boilingpoint curve for petroleumsproduct, simple distillation ASTM D86 Oil Organic
Bromat in water On house Water Ions
Bromate in water - Water Ions
Bromide in water, IC NS-EN ISO 10304-1 Water Ions
Bromine (total) in drinkingwater On house Water Ions
BTEX i slam, jord og sedimenter basert på NS-EN ISO 22155 Solids Organic
BTEX in chemicals On house Chemicals Organic
BTEX in solids On house Solids Organic
BTEX, organic acids in seawater HS/GC/MS Intern metode Water Organic
Buffering capacity of chalk, titration Mod. NS-EN 12945 Solids Physical properties
C1-C4 in crude, GC/FID Mod. IP 394 Oil Organic
Calcium in chalk, ICP On house Solids Elements
Calibration of Arjay UV-fluorescens On house Water Organic
Calibration of Infracal IR-flat cell On house Water Organic
Cancellation of sample On house Other -
Carbonate in solids, qualitative On house Solids Minerals
Chemical oxygen demand, CODMn CSN EN 8467 Water Physical properties
Chemical oxygen denmand, COD(Cr), UV/VIS Mod. NS 4748 Water Physical properties
Chloride in chemicals NS-EN ISO 10304-1 Chemicals Ions
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