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Analysis Standard Sample Category
Oil in water ISO 9377-2 Water Organic
Oil in water, (C7-C40), GC/FID Mod. NS-EN ISO 9377-2 / OSPAR 2005-15 Water Organic
Oil in water, IR-flatcelle - Water Organic
Oil in water, UV/Fluorescens On house Water Organic
Oil mist and oil vapour in air, GC/FID On house Other Organic
Oil on cuttings, retorte API RP 13B Solids Organic
Oil on solids, GC On house Solids Organic
Oil profile, fingerprint, GC 25m colomn On house Oil Organic
Operator Flowlab, day rate ( English) - Other -
Organic acids in chemicals On house Water Organic
Organic solvents in air, GC On house Other Organic
Oxygen dissolved in water ASTM D-5543 Water Physical properties
PAH/NPD in oil, GC/MS GC-MS Oil Organic
PAH/NPD in solids (Sub contractor) On house Other Organic
Particle size distribution in water, LISST On house Water Physical properties
Particles by microscope (description) Intern Oil Organic
Particles in diesel, filtration Mod. ASTM D-6217 Oil Physical properties
Particlesize distribution in mud, Malvern On house Other Physical properties
PCB 7 i sludge, GC/ECD On house Solids Organic
PCB in mud, sediments or contaminated soil GCMS NS-EN 15308:2008 Solids Organic
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