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Intertek West Lab has developed a niche service related to calibration of fiscal volume meters that are used on all facilities, terminals and refineries where hydrocarbons are produced, exported and sold. The services are accredited in compliance with ISO-IEC-17025.

The main market is the Norwegian Continental Shelf, but engagements are also performed in the UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and the countries around the Caspian Sea.

Equipment that can be transported, we can calibrate at our own flowlab in Tananger.

Calibration types


Offshore / customer site

Onshore in own lab.

Ultrasonic meters
Positive displacement meter (PD meter)
Coriolis / mass meters
Rørnormal/pipe prover  




Mobile skid for onsite mass calibration
In 2016 Intertek aquired a new mobile skid to perform onsite mass flowmeter (Coriolis) calibration requirements.
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Intertek West Lab
Department Calibration,

Energivn. 1, 4056 Tananger

Tlf:  +47-51 94 01 00

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Department Manager

Atle Laader

Tlf:   +47 - 51 94 01 77

Mob: +47 - 91 34 36 58



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